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Five Ways to Boost your Beauty Sleep

Sleeping on your back can help keep your skin looking young.

Sleeping on your back can help keep your skin looking young.

Getting your beauty sleep truly is critical to maintaining a youthful and radiant look. A lack of it causes blood vessels to dilate, which leaves you with dark circles and bags beneath your eyes. It also leads to a boost in stress hormones in your body, which can trigger or exacerbate inflammatory conditions like psoriasis or acne, and leads to premature aging. And that one-too-many cocktail before you head to bed won’t do you any skincare favors either.

To help assure you get sufficient, restorative rest, Metropolitan Dermatology offers these five top tips for a great beauty sleep…

  1. Kick the cocktails: Drinking alcohol too close to bedtime can significantly alter your sleep patterns, sending you directly into a deep sleep. This means that you miss out on the normal first and subsequent five to six REM (rapid eye movement) stages of sleep, getting only one or two instead. As a result, you wake up exhausted and your face shows it. Limit your alcohol intake and stop at least a few hours before going to bed.
  2. Cleanse, tone and moisturize: Going to bed with your makeup on can dry out your skin, enlarge your pores and leave you with red, cracked and flaky skin. Develop and stick to a nightly skincare routine that includes a high quality cleanser, toner and nighttime moisturizer.
  3. Take time to wind down: Turn off your TV and computer, put away your smartphone and relax for the last hour before bed. This gives you a chance to clear your mind and get into a restful mode, assuring a deeper sleep.
  4. Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your stomach or side press your face into your pillow, creasing your skin. That’s where those lines that you see when you first look into the mirror in the morning come from. They may seem to disappear as the morning progresses, but over the years of sleeping in the same position those lines will become more permanent. Sleep on your back instead.
  5. Choose silk: Speaking of pillows, choose silk or high quality satin pillow case. Certain fabrics, like cotton, absorb moisture, pulling it away from and out of your skin. Silk and statin instead help keep moisture close to your skin, leaving hydrated.

Maintain a healthy and youthful look by making sleep a priority and seeing a dermatologist regularly. Metropolitan Dermatology can help develop a custom skincare plan for your unique needs.

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